Fabric Kit F.A.Q.'s

We anticipate some questions regarding the kits and fabric we are selling to go with the launch of the new Marianne Dress pattern. Here are some questions that you might need answers to. If you find your question is not here, please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer within two business days. Thank you!

What is the fabric?

All the fabrics are a rayon and spandex knit blend. They are medium weight, opaque, and have a fluid drape. They are not sheer at all and have a noticeable weight to them. 

Where is the fabric from?

The fabrics were purchased from a major fashion retailer in downtown Los Angeles, as it was leftover from one of their collections. It is high quality rayon knit.

What's in the kits? Is the Marianne Dress pattern included?

The kits contain what is listed on the product page, which is all raw material, not including the pattern. The pattern is sold separately so you can purchase it in the format you prefer, printed or PDF download. 

I really wanted a white contrast fabric to make View B as pictured. Why aren't you offering white?

Plain and simply, we didn't find a large quantity of white rayon knit in the same weight that we were happy with. We also really wanted to offer a contrast white to make that view exactly as pictured, but we weren't going to sacrifice quality. We found it in small batches, but not in a large roll to offer it to all of you.

How much will the fabric shrink?

When washed in cold and air dried, the length will shrink 1" and the width will stay consistent. When washed in cold and dried in a hot air dryer, the length will shrink 2 1/2" and the width will shrink 5". Both are equally soft after fully drying.

Is the fabric pre-washed and pre-shrunk?


How do I care for my fabric?

Generally speaking you want to pre-treat the fabric the way you intend to care for it when it is a finished garment. We prefer to wash rayon knit fabric in cold water and air dry, but this decision is entirely up to you and we are not responsible for any excessive shrinking or fading based on how you choose to care for your fabric. 

Will you be selling fabric regularly?

No. This is a one-time situation that might be repeated for future pattern launches, but we have no plans to become an on-line or in-person retailer of fabrics.

Hey, I found a cat hair on my fabric. What's the deal?

Yes, there are cats in our studio. We have taken every measure possible to ensure that they have not come in contact with the fabric at any point and that your fabric will arrive without any cat hairs on it. However, if you are are exceptionally sensitive to cat allergies, we cannot say if you will be effected by this. Though pre-washing the fabric will take care of that issue. 

The kit I want is sold out. Will you be listing more?

Sorry, no. Everything we have to sell is up on the site and once it's gone, that's it.

What is the shipping rate for the kits?

If you are only purchasing the notions kit, that ships much like a single pattern does. So if you look at the shipping costs on the information page, it will be the same as if you were buying a single pattern. For example, in the United States, it will not cost extra to purchase the notions kit, as it will fit in the flat rate envelope with the pattern itself. 

If you are purchasing a fabric kit, the weight and bulk of the fabric require it to go into a flat rate envelope. You can also fit a pattern in the envelope with the fabric. Two kits would be too large for an envelope and would require the use of a medium flat rate box. 

Why do I need knit interfacing or clear elastic?

The knit interfacing is used in the collar for View A of the Marianne Dress. It is not needed for any other part of the construction. The kit comes with 1 yard of interfacing, enough for four collars. The clear elastic is used to stabilize the shoulder seams on either view. The kit contains 3 yards of the clear elastic, which is enough for multiple seams and for practicing with.

I don't like my fabric. Can I return it?

We are terribly sorry that you do not care for the fabric you received. Like everything else on the site, there are no returns. We are not a big box store and cannot afford to offer refunds. If you have any quality control issues with the fabric, we will absolutely discuss a return, so please contact us if your item arrived damaged in any way.

I like the fabric used in the Marianne Dress pattern photos. Where can I get that?

The fabric the models are wearing is an organic wool knit that was purchased at The Fabric Store in Los Angeles.